Crime Prevention Information

The South Sioux City Police Department has received information regarding people getting calls from an Energy Power Savings.  They tell the person that they have been selected to have half their monthly utility bill paid for.  They then tell the person they have to make a one time payment of $189 and are asking for their personal bank account number to take this fee out of.  This is a scam.  PLEASE, NEVER GIVE OUT ANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION OVER THE TELEPHONE OR TO SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR BANK. 

The phone number that was traced came back at 1-866-8483134 and she identified herself as Cathy Cruz from Energy Power Savings.

Identity Theft
March 03, The Desert Sun (CA)---Identity thieves may be posing as government officials. The California State Attorney General's office has issued an identity theft alert stemming from a recent scam in Michigan. Some taxpayers in Michigan have received e-mail notices from non-Internal Revenue Service sources claiming they are being audited and must complete a questionnaire within 48 hours to avoid financial penalties, according to the Attorney General's office. The taxpayer is asked for his or her Social Security number, bank account numbers and other confidential information. Authorities believe this is a possible identity theft attempt.

Credit Card Numbers
March 02, (Washington,DC)--Credit card numbers stolen at gas pumps. Federal investigators are looking into a new type of crime in which the criminal steals credit card information from pay-at-the-pump gas stations. The U.S. Secret Service reports the new type of identity theft has been reported at gas stations in California and Florida. In each case, the crooks got inside the electronics of the pump using a universal pass key. Once inside, they attached a small electronic device called a skimmer to the internal circuitry. The skimmer stores the number of every credit card that is swiped. A few days later, the crook returns to the pump, removes his skimmer, then uses the numbers to produce credit cards with legitimate numbers and expiration dates.

Telephone Solicitation
It has been reported that a telephone solicitation is being received by businesses in the South Sioux City Area. They are requesting donations to go toward programs with the South Sioux City Police Department, will name Chief Ford as a supporter of this drive. They will ask for money to be sent to them to help law enforcement. The South Sioux City Police Department are not involved in a telephone solicitation fund raising effort. It is reported that the person requesting the money becomes belligerent when asked questions. Do not send any money into these companies, we have no idea where the money goes, but not to support any programs with the South Sioux City Police Department.

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