City Administrator

The city administrator shall be appointed by the mayor and with the consent of the city council. He shall be under the supervision and direction of the mayor at all times.

The duties of the city administrator are as follows. He shall:

  1. Have the immediate supervision over the treasurer; clerk; code official; sewer, water superintendent; electrical superintendent; police chief; and street superintendent of the city in addition to such other officials as the governing body may prescribe. He shall have no direction or supervision over any officer, department or board whose duties are prescribed by state statute.
  2. Be ex officio member of all boards and committees for liaison purposes.
  3. Make and keep current an inventory of all real property and all major items of equipment owned by the city and also supervise the purchasing program.
  4. Supervise through the department head, the day-to-day operation of the electric, water, sewer, city clerk, streets, sanitation, auto maintenance, and parks departments. All employees under this direction shall obey his order. Such supervision shall not extend to unilateral action on construction or purchase of equipment.
  5. Be responsible for the preparation of the annual estimate of expenditures for presentation to the mayor and committee on finances prior to the passage of the annual appropriation ordinance.
  6. Serve as public relations officer of the city and shall endeavor to adjust all complaints filed against any employee, department, division or service and shall cooperate with community organizations whose aim and purpose is to advance the best interests of the city.
  7. Attend all meetings of the council and shall have the duty of reporting any matter concerning city affairs under his supervision.
  8. Analyze the functions, duties and activities of the various departments, divisions and services of the city and of all city employees and make his recommendations to the mayor. He shall thereafter carry out the mayor's recommendations in coordinating the administrative functions and operations of the various departments.
  9. Procure facts and submit suggested long-range improvements to the governing body.
  10. Maintain such records and prepare such reports as may be required to perform the duties of his office. Information and reports deemed necessary by the administrator shall be prepared by the department heads under his supervision.
  11. Act as the agent of the mayor in the discharge of his duties of the superintending and control of all of the officers and affairs of the city. He shall have no independent power to exercise any policy making or legislative functions whatsoever, nor commit or bind the governing body to any plan, action, or program requiring official action by the governing body.
The Administration Department also oversees the operations of all other city Departments. A complete listing of all city departments an be found here.
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