Winter Weather Quick Facts


Winter Weather Quick Facts and Preparedness:

Quick facts you should know about winter weather:

•Snow can occur at temperatures as high as 46 degrees if conditions are right.

•The record for most snowfall in the Lower 48 in a 24 hour period is 75.8” at Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921.

•Blizzard conditions are met when visibility in falling and blowing snow reaches ¼ mile or less and sustained wind speeds of 35 mph or greater occur for 3 hours or more.

•As little as 1/16” of ice can begin to impact roadways and sidewalks.

•As the wind increases, the body is cooled at a faster rate. The “wind chill” is a way for meteorologists to communicate what the combination of wind and temperature “feels like” to exposed skin.



-A Winter Storm Watch is issued when conditions are favorable for significant winter weather and/or blizzard conditions. Time to prepare!

-A Winter Storm Warning is issued when a combination of heavy snow, blowing snow, and possibly ice mixed with snow is expected to impact the area. Time to act!

-A Blizzard Warning is issued when the combination of strong wind, low visibility, and heavy snow will significantly impact daily life.

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