Important info on your drains

Dumping grease and oil down the drain

Is it proper to dispose your cooking grease and oil down your drain or in the garbage disposal?  NO, that would be a big NO!  There are very few food items that are more difficult for the system to handle than grease.  Grease comes from deep fat fryers, bacon, cooking, chicken grease, just about any meat that you cook.

Pouring or dumping grease down drains can cause issues for yourself by plugging your line out to the main trunk sewer.  It can also build up in the city’s lines and cause major back up into people’s basements, which is just a situation everyone hates.  Also wastewater treatment plants do not handle grease well.  It collects into large clumps and can actually cause equipment and process problems.

So what do I do with it?  Dump it into the drain- NO, please NO.  There are a couple options.  Some restaurants will accept grease from residents if you ask them.  They should have a container for their grease.  Another way is when it is cooled, put into a jar with a lid or something similar that can be sealed and freeze it.  It can be used later for cooking.  For grease that is not suitable for reuse, again after it is cooled, it can be placed in a sealable container/bottle and placed into the garbage.  Make sure it stays sealed for the whole trip to the landfill. 

Taking a few simple steps will cut down on the number and severity of sewer problems in our city.  It all helps. Thank you

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