Meet Fire Chief Clint Merithew

Clint Merithew came to South Sioux City Fire Department as the first Full Time Paid Chief and is no stranger to the fire service. As a college student in 1978 Chief Merithew entered the volunteer ranks of the City of Coalinga, California Fire Service. It was during those first two years Chief Merithew gained knowledge and experience along with his EMT-1a that he decided to go into firefighting as a career in September of 1980.

With more schooling and many EMS and fire calls Chief Merithew rose through the full time ranks from Firefighter to Engineer in 1985, to Captain in 1990 then to Deputy Fire Marshal. Chief Merithew states the job is constant, “Training with more training and keeping up with the trends” which he promotes highly. It was his training and goal in the California Fire Service to achieve his Certified Fire Officer, Fire Instructor and many other certifications to hone his fire service career. With more courses for his career in fire investigations with the FBI and the BATF&E at FLETC in Georgia, he gained his technique in explosions. Chief Merithew attended the National Fire Academy to work on his Business Management and develop Response Plans and Emergency Preparedness procedures.

After a brief retirement during his 29-career years in 2009, Chief Merithew then spent the next 6 years as a Fire Expert investigating fires and explosions in the upper and mid-western states for the insurance industry and law firms. His task was determining the origin and cause of these cases for subrogation measures, high dollar losses and fire deaths.

As Chief Merithew explores the South Sioux City Fire Departments history and surrounding area with fire and EMS delivery, stating, “I believe I have what is needed to make this department what it could be. To utilize the untapped potentials of all the firefighters in the department and improve quality and responsive service to the community”.

With a new fire station under construction, a new fire truck slated for delivery in 2017, other good used apparatus were obtained due to an aging fleet. More complex plans to upgrade the operations of the fire department are in the future. These measures are all to improve the department’s response efficiently and most importantly, guaranteeing the citizens responsive arrivals and meet the mandated fire flow requirements.

Every day is new and challenging to myself and to the crews. We are essentially “Rebranding” the department to a continual measure of improvement. We are more visible in the community and striving to add proactive measures to ensure safety and protection to the firefighters and the community. The department patch worn on the uniforms and on their sides of the apparatus have already been changed to depict ‘who we are’ relevant to our community.

I look for greater times and commitment from the department and the community as we all grown in this diverse culturally economic community.

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