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The South Sioux City trail started in the late1970's with around 1 mile of trail running through almost the center of town. It started at G St. and ended in Cardinal Park. There have been many additions to our trail system over the past 30 + years. In 2002 we dedicated our entire trail system to Al Bengtson for all of the hard work, dedication and advocating he did for all of our trails over his many years of service to our community. The Al Bengtson trail is currently 19 miles long; we will be adding another mile in the spring of 2011. We linked to the Tri-state Trail in 2002; their trail is 57 miles long. Currently our trail links to Dakota City and the Tristate area, and we hope to one day link up with the Ponca trail system.

                                                                                                            -Parks Director Gene Maffit

Siouxland Biking\Walking Trails Map

Al Bengtson Trail

Al Bengtson


Winter Trail

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