Snow Removal - The city trucks plow any amount of snow that falls over 2 inches deep. The plows start on 33rd and Dakota and go south to IBP first. They then continue on Dakota Avenue back up to 29th street, the bypass, and all other high traffic areas along with emergency snow route areas. When those areas are completed, they begin cleaning the entire city, going north to south, until all snow is removed.


Salting - In the event of icy roads or snow storms, the street department salts the streets beginning with Dakota Avenue. They then move onto major intersections and schools. When those areas are completed, they continue on with the entire town until every road has been salted.



City Wide Clean Up - City wide clean up takes place twice a year. Spring clean-up takes place on the first full week of May. Fall Clean-up takes place on the first full week of October. The city only collects garbage customers. Not apartment complexes that are over two units, or trailer courts. Please separate metal, yard waste, and other materials into their own piles. Tree branches, limbs, etc, must be cut into four foot lengths or less and stacked neatly into piles. Separate crews will handle yard waste and metal.

The Following materials will NOT be collected during city wide clean up:

-Construction and demolition material - sheet rock, plywood, old plaster, nails, shingles, roofing material, siding, bricks, concrete blocks, etc.

-Hazardous materials - acid batteries, broken glass panes, oil based, poisonous substances, etc.

- No tires

Remaining items can be taken to the Jackson, NE. landfill. Hour there are Monday through Friday, 6AM to 5PM and 6AM to noon on Saturday.

City crews conduct clean up on the same day as your houses garbage collection.



Sweeping - The street department sweeps the streets during the spring, summer and fall months, weather permitting. They generally have two sweepers out at a time. On Monday mornings, the street crews sweep Dakota Avenue starting at 4AM, from 6th and Dakota to 33rd and Dakota. Along with sweeping Dakota Avenue, they also use the Water Flusher truck, which sprays water behind the sweeping truck.


Painting - The city has a designated crew to paint intersections, stop sign bars, walkways, street lane dividers and other miscellaneous areas. The painting crew starts on 6th and Dakota, 9th and Dakota, 13th and Dakota, 21st and Dakota, 23rd and Dakota, 29th and Dakota to 29th and Bypass, 30th and Dakota, and 39th and Dakota.



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