It is the aim of the Sanitation Department to keep the city clean of litter and maintain a healthy environment for all citizens. Garbage collection is picked up once a week from residents and done according to a routing system. The city is divided into 5 collection grids. Depending in which grid you live as to which day your refuse is picked up. Along with the garbage pickup there is a recycling service available to the citizens. That too is according to your pickup day.

To request a garbage container (if you don't already have one) or an extra container, call 494-7520. To request for repair of a damaged container, call 494-7071. To request a recycling bin, call 494-7520 or 494-7071

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MONDAY: West 19th Street to the River, with the cross streets between West 19th Street and West 20th Street

TUESDAY: East 18th Street to the River, will include the cross streets between East 18th Street and East 19th Street.

WEDNESDAY: East 19th Street "both sides" to East 29th Street, and will also include the cross streets between East 29th Street and East 30th Street.

THURSDAY: West 20th Street "both sides" to Atokad Drive

FRIDAY: East 30th Street "both sides" to East 39th Street

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